Dr. Jennifer Boeche

Associate Veterinarian at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic

When did you join TCVC?

February 2018

What is your position at TCVC?


Where were born and raised?

Northern Nwada

Do you have any Certifications? If yes in what?

Awpuncture(CVA) and Chiropratic (CVC)

Do you own any animals?

Yes! Three horses, three goats, 15 dogs (Hangin Tree abd Border Collie Cow Dogs) and cuttle. Husband and son, too, i you include that

Do you have any hobbies or additional comments?

Hursebark riding, quilting, working, and snow skiing

Write your bio using the information above. Write in a third person format (he or she, not I). Only 3-4 sentences are needed but feel free to write as much as you like. Attach additional sheets if needed:

Dr. Bocehe grew up in nothern Nwada. She earned her bachelor's degrees in Animals Science and Spanish trun Colorado State University. She also received her doctorate in Veterinary medicine rom Colorado State University in 2011.

Dr. Boeche is a certified Veterinary awpuncturist from the Chi Institute and certified animal chiroprachc from Parker University.

When Dr. Boeche is not riding her horse, She enjoys cooking, qailting and snow skiing. SHe has a grown step-daughter named Rikayla and a son named Waytt. Her husband, Jason, raises and trains working cow, dogs. They have 3 horses, 3 goats, 15 dogs and cattle