COVID-19 and Us


During these times of uncertainty, our pets, and their health, are more important to us than ever. The situation surrounding COVID-19 may be scary, but we can be unified through the chaos. Let's be calm, cooperative, and compassionate...let's be like our pets! 

Our clinic is following the recommendations of local authorities, as well as ramping up our already rigorous cleaning measures. We have hand sanitizer placed throughout the clinic, and have masks available for you to use during your visit. We are aware that this situation is constantly evolving, but as a medical facility we will aim to keep our normal business hours for as long as possible. If you have concerns about your visit, please give us a call, and we can talk about alternative ways to assist you so that your pets can get the healthcare they need. We have also employed "virtual receptionists" that work from their homes to help with increased call volume. This allows us for more adequate "social distancing" with staff at the clinic, and allows ample time with our callers to address any concerns they may have. 

Our pets don't understand the events happening around them. We can all learn a lesson in being at peace by watching their example. Take this time of national "pause" to tune out the noise of fear and focus on your family. And, don't forget that while at this time COVID-19 does not appear to infect our four-legged family members, their healthcare is still of the utmost importance to us. 


Let us know if we can assist you in any way. Don't forget that you can also reach us through our mobile app, Facebook, and email. 


We'll get through this together, as long as we can work together!