Don't Wait - Your Pet's Health Is More Important Than Ever

We have heard several of our clients voice concerns over coming in for their pet’s routine visits. Aside from the 100% curbside service that we have adopted now, we wanted to remind you of a few reasons why your pet’s health is more important than ever: 


  • You’re spending more time at home, which means more time around your pets. Your health is directly related to your pet’s health. You don’t want infectious diseases from a lapse in vaccination schedule threatening to infect you. Rabies, for example, has virtually a 100% mortality rate in all mammals. COVID-19 on the other hand has an estimated mortality rate of 0.2-4%, depending on risk factors, age, location, etc. Rabies might not be as common, but it is certainly not something to disregard! Plus, rabies vaccines are required by law for dogs and cats.   


  • You may not end up with COVID-19, but your home will without a doubt end up playing host to fleas and ticks if your pet’s prevention lapses! Fleas and ticks carry multiple diseases that can pass to humans, and cause miserable symptoms for your pet AND yourself. Itchy bite sites, rash, hair loss, and skin infections are the most common reactions to flea and tick bites. 


  • We’re still open! Hopefully we are able to stay that way, but if circumstances take a wrong turn, we may be looking at further restrictions on how we see our patients. Don’t put your pet’s services off to see how things play out, because no one knows! What we do know is that as of right now, we are able to provide you with the same quality of care that we always have while maintaining the required social distancing. 


    Please give us a call to schedule your curbside service. We have staff members actively calling our clients with pets that are past due for services. This isn’t just about your pet’s health, it’s about yours too!