To Flea, Or Not To Flea...

Are you a Texas native? Or maybe new to the south? Either way, you’ve probably heard of our notorious insects. Chiggers, fire ants, mosquitoes, centipedes, cicadas, scorpions, spiders, ticks, fleas…


Is your skin crawling yet? We live in a great state (the greatest state, in our not-so-humble opinion!), but the bug game is strong around here! If you’re not scratching a mosquito bite from sitting on your porch, you’re probably doctoring some fire ant bites from gardening or spraying your home for arachnids. And, to add insult to injury, these critters can’t seem to take a hint! We deal with bugs all year long in Texas, and so do our pets. 


You probably know that mosquitoes carry dreaded heartworms, waiting to infect our dogs and cats. But, did you know that fleas and ticks carry diseases and parasites as well? 


Lyme disease is (thankfully) not common in the south. However, ticks can carry diseases that can infect both animals and their humans. Dogs can get ehrlichia canis along with a host of other infections from ticks, and humans can catch other tick-borne diseases from their pets’ blood-sucking hitchhikers. 


Did you know fleas are the culprits behind tapeworms? Those little grains of rice that appear in the *ahem*  stool of your normally healthy dog are little segments of tapeworms. Ummm...gross! And how did your dog get tapeworms? From eating fleas! When your dog is frantically nibbling on their coats to scratch an itch, they are likely raking in a fair share of the tiny havoc-wreaking jumping things. In addition to tapeworms, flea allergy dermatitis (a fancy way of saying a flea allergy) is the number one cause of skin infections that we see in our exam rooms. Fleas can cause hair loss, severe itching (particularly around the base of the tail), flaky skin, and an all around miserable experience for your dog. A flea circus is a humorous show to behold, but not to host in your home! 


The good news? There’s a prevention for fleas and ticks! You can avoid the heebie-jeebies AND protect your pet from unwanted, blood thirsty houseguests (you wouldn’t let a vampire hang out in your house, right?). Those freeloaders even have the audacity to hitch a ride on YOU, their second choice host, to gain access to your unsuspecting dog in the safety of your home. Rude! 


Enter: Bravecto. Bravecto is a once every 3 months chew for dogs that protects them from fleas AND ticks! Let’s say that chew lasts for 3. whole. months. That’s 4 chews every year to maintain year-round protection! And, it’s delicious to boot (we haven’t tried it, but most dogs give an enthusiastic 2 paws up for the peanut butter goodness of Bravecto)! 


March is primetime for fleas and ticks. With spring rapidly approaching, they emerge from their (mostly) dormant winter activity. Just like us when we wake up from a long nap, they drag themselves to the nearest convenient snack. Don’t let your dog become a flea and tick 24 hour drive-thru! 


Don’t forget that you can get a FREE dose of Bravecto this month when you purchase 3 doses. And, your free 4th dose will count for the 4 dose rebate of $35 that Bravecto offers. That’s over $100 off of a year’s worth of Bravecto! 


So be the hero in the fight against fleas and ticks. Let Bravecto be the lightsaber to your Jedi, the hammer to your Thor, the Wonder to your Woman. A protected pet is a happy pet.