Pet Activities During Quarantine

Being in “quarantine” is stressful! Even the word itself sounds ominous. But, just like our pets, we want to focus on the “pawsitive” side! Being stuck at home doesn’t have to feel like punishment if you know how to pass the time. Here are a few pet-friendly ideas on how to make your time at home more enjoyable. 

Have a Training Session 


You can in fact teach an old dog new tricks! Most dogs love to learn, so bust out the treat bag (just don’t go overboard!) and ace those crowd pleasers you’ve been trying to master. Your future dinner party guests (you know, once social distancing is a distant memory) will be wowed! If you’re short on treats, there are several alternatives that your pal will work hard to earn. Favorite toys, ear scratches, or even just pieces of their regular kibble fed by hand are great incentives for training. 


Make Some Goodies 


Who doesn’t love homemade treats? Your pets sure do! The internet is full of cat and dog (and hamster, bird, lizzard, you name it…)  friendly treat recipes that are made with ingredients you probably have in your COVID-19-preparedness-pantries. And, in a pinch, they’re safe for human consumption! We’re not saying they’d be tasty to you, but hey, food is food! 


Do a Craft


Ok, hear us out! Pinterest has tons of ideas for pet-related crafts. Whether it’s making something for your pet (don’t pretend you haven’t been tempted to crochet/knit a sweater...or a 3rd or 4th sweater!), or having your pet create their own masterpiece, crafts are a great way to keep your mind busy on something constructive. So bust out the washable paint, or yarn, or canvas, or some other medium and get to creating! 


Get Your Groom On 


Don’t want to leave the house to take your pet to the groomer? Give your pet a bath or spend some quality time brushing out those luscious locks! The weather is warming up, so it’s about time for a “springtime snow” in Texas, if you catch our drift. If you don’t, refer to the picture ;) 


Go for a Walk 


This one might be obvious, but worth mentioning. Some people are so concerned about contracting coronavirus that they are worried to leave the safety of their houses. That’s where social distancing comes into play! As long as you keep your distance from others, a daily walk is good for you and your dog! Get your daily dose of vitamin D, some natural endorphins, and fresh air. Plus, your canine quarantine buddy will get to expel some of their pent-up energy! 


Play Ball 


Sports might be on “pause,” but you and your pet can still play ball! Whether it’s rolling a ball around for your cat to chase, or tossing a ball in a game of fetch with your dog, ball games are mentally stimulating for animals of all shapes and sizes. And, if you have a retriever, you can sip tea on your porch while your pooch does all the legwork. Score! 




Again, pretty obvious one here, but we’re aware of some concern regarding your pet and COVID-19. At this time, there is zero evidence that your pet can contract and/or carry this particular strain of coronavirus. Now more than ever, those pet snuggles are worth their weight in gold! Studies have shown that petting dogs and cats can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and have an overall calming effect. So, turn off the troubling news reports, and turn on a binge worthy show with your furry stress-reliever. 



Whatever you find to do, we hope that you experience the comfort and unconditional love that our pets have to offer!