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Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic

Well Pet Plans are a convenient and affordable way to provide the care your pet needs. A Well Pet Plan is a pre-paid collection of discounted healthcare services for your pet.

Well Pet Plans are not insurance - they are much better! The focus on preventative services that keep your pet healthy.

By focusing on prevention, Well Pet Plans help your veterinarian better understand your pet's regular healthcare needs. Because your veterinarian understands your pet's health baseline, they are more likely to detect a problem before conditions worsen. Early diagnosis can also result in a better prognosis.

Every Well Pet Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited FREE office visits & exams
  • Discounts up to 71% on in-plan services
  • Discount of up to 15% on out-of-plan services

Well Pet Plans let you provide for your pet's preventative care at a reduced rate spread over 12 months and with no interest!

Types of Well Pet Plans

Below are the Well Pet Plans that are currently being offered at Town & Country Animal Clinic:

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