Testimonial 26

“Both Benji and I enjoyed our visit with y’all. Things are going well and I am very appreciative!”

—Becky R.

Testimonial 18

“We didn’t even have an appointment but you got us in and took great care of us!”

—Warren C.

Testimonial 19

“Thank you for your concern for my pet. Fuzzy is doing great and full of energy again.”

—Daryl D.

Testimonial 20

“Everyone was exceptionally kind and courteous. They took me in at the last moment due to an injury to my dog.”

—Karen M.

Testimonial 21

“Everything was perfect. I’m very pleased with my visit to your clinic.”

—Chris E.

Testimonial 22

“I was completely satisfied & very impressed with the doctor’s knowledge and plan of action. My dog is happier than ever & I am so appreciative!!”

—Maria L.

Testimonial 23

“Everyone was super fantastic. Jodie (the groomer) took extra care of my Rascal. Even though he gets very anxious she still puts in more time with him. I appreciate that greatly!”

—Carole H.

Testimonial 24

“My first vist to Town & Country Vet was excellent. Inside was the cleanest vet clinic I’ve ever been to. The tech was very friendly.”

—Randy R.

Testimonial 25

“The level of service is superb. I also appreciated the mid-week call to check on my pet.”

—Sandy J.

Testimonial 17

“I've been a client for at least 4 years now, and have never been disappointed in Dr. Nelson and his staff. They are always efficient and friendly. I love how they are keeping up with technology and providing the convenience of an app to keep up with our pets annual apts. The new rewards program is a big plus as well. ”

—Shelly S.

Testimonial 16

“I'm so thankful that we finally found a vet that we love! Everyone is kind, warm, and welcoming and I feel like they love my pet as much as I do. Their prices and treatment options are reasonable and appropriate. ”

—Sarah R.

Testimonial 15

“Friendly staff. Fast, efficient service, and knowledgeable people. I was very happy with the great care they took with my dog. They made me feel reassured and comfortable leaving her with them. ”

—Kerstin W.

Testimonial 14

“I am so happy here. They were so kind to my grand furboy. His ears were infected. And they were so sweet knowing he was not used to seeing a Dr he was nervous. So momma was nervous too. And the Dr was awesome and understanding. Furbaby is all better. ”

—Linda C.

Testimonial 13

“All of the staff at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic are so incredibly nice and welcoming that I was actually taken aback with how nice and attentive everyone is, especially compared with where I had been taking my dog. I was a new client and called to see when I could get my dog in to be seen. I was shocked at how nice the person on the phone was and doubly shocked with being able to be seen within an hour of my call! Things were no different when I arrived at the clinic. Every single person was friendly and upbeat and seemed to actually care. Dr. Nelson was wonderful too. He listened to all of my concerns and explained things very well and genuinely seemed to care. All the staff made me feel comfortable and like my dog and my concerns were important. ”

—Holly K.

Testimonial 12

“...The staff at T&C made me feel comfortable upon arrival, took him back in a caring manner, and called me when the procedure was over. He did fine (and so did I ). They sent him home with pain med & antibiotics and explained everything to me. Now I look back and think, "I had nothing to dread." He had 7 teeth removed and was able to eat soft food this evening... probably doing better than I would have done ! If your fur baby needs this done, don't put it off, just do it ! ”

—Carolyn E.

Testimonial 11

“The staff is always inviting and Dr. Nelson takes such good care of my 4 fur babies. They do appreciate their patients. ”

—Taylor K.

Testimonial 10

“Love this vet. They have seen all of my dogs, and they always treat them like family. The staff is very sweet, understanding, and they always go the extra mile. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. ”

—Amanda M.

Testimonial 9

“We've used this vet clinic for about 9 years now for our dog and now our cat too. We drive out of our way to come here because they genuinely care about their patients. Their prices are reasonable and their abilities are excellent.. they've have seen us through a very serious condition for our dog that turned out well thanks to their loving care. They do a great job with boarding and grooming too. I highly recommend this vet clinic!”

—Jill D.

Testimonial 8

“27 December 2017. I called weeping just about one hour before closing time. They got me an appointment at 5:30 pm because my dog "Freedom" had been in so much pain screaming all day! I didn't know where her pain was coming from. I thought it was her hip. Freedom is getting old but still at times acts like a youngster. She and I had been playing around the day before, as she was acting like a puppy. It took its toll on her. (I grew up in River Oaks but moved away to Mesa, Arizona in 1984. Came home for Christmas to visit Mom and family.) So, we get to the office and was attended to with courtesy. The assistant said she thinks it's her back. When the doctor came in he examined her and determined it was indeed her back. An x-ray some what confirmed it. She was given an oral muscle relaxer and pain medication. Freedom rested a day and started feeling better. Since I took Freedom here I have no more tears! In my opinion this is a very good place to take your loved one's.”

—Wade L. Brooks, Mesa, AZ

Testimonial 7

“This is a great vet clinic. Their rates are good, they're always good about getting you in when your fur babies need to be seen and all the staff is friendly and very good with the animals. It's a bit out of the way for me, but I drive there because I feel like they listen to my concerns and want what is best for my kitties rather than what might be best for their bottom line. If you are looking for a great long-term vet to care for your furry family I think you'll be happy at Town & Country.”

—Eron E.

Can’t imagine going anywhere else

“Can’t imagine going anywhere else. Thanks to everyone for your kindness and love of the animals! And thank you for welcoming us with open arms.”

—Trisha G

Always a welcoming group

“Always a welcoming group…very friendly staff and doctors. Appointments are not hard to get. They have always treated my dog very well, even though we are so far just needing routine care.”

—Barbara S

Much appreciate the extended hours

“We came here originally due to an emergency with our dog. They were the only veterinarian open. I very much appreciate the extended hours, and the extremely friendly crew inside. Even the decor and atmosphere is great inside. Plus, enjoy some coffee while you wait. We’ll be coming here for everything now!”

—Blake M

Testimonial 6

“Our two Border Collies actually enjoy going to Leonard Animal Clinic...and not just for the yummy cookies! The staff is always efficient, knowledgeable and kind. We feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful local veterinary clinic.”


Testimonial 5

“My cat's health has been very poor over the last few months. The clinic has been very pleasant to deal with and made all my options for helping him very clear and understandable. I'm glad to be using them as my primary vet. ”

—Edward V.

Testimonial 4

“Very professional and helpful. Got me in quickly when no one else would when my litter of puppies got a nasty bacteria. Highly recommended. Nice to find a vet who actually cares about the animals :) ”

—Silver Country Cocker Spaniels

Testimonial 3

“Jasper my boxer loves to visit! Such a great staff and they treat him well. Always available for advice and follow up on how he is feeling. Glad we found this clinic.”

—Mark J.

Testimonial 2

“Love the new doctors! We took all 4 dogs in for vaccinations & the staff handled them in a loving manner. It was the first vet I have taken my Anatolian to that didn't refer to him as a bad dog. The following week, we took all 3 cats in. Again, everything went perfectly. They really seem to love animals. They have my business going forward!”

—Kim M.

Testimonial 1

“Outstanding service! I was looking for a new clinic for my fur babies and they came to me highly recommended by multiple individuals. I scheduled a visit expecting it to good, but it was so much more. The staff is knowledgeable and caring and go out of their way to make sure your pets get the care they need, that your completely satisfied. They've also gone out of their way to follow up after the appointments to ensure everything is going well by mail, email, and phone. And to put a cherry on the top, their prices are great!”

—Tammy S.